Adult AudioMagic Programs & DreamChild Adventures

Combining his expertise in psychiatry and a host of proven therapeutic techniques with over 30 years of experience in audio recording, Dr. Jackon's 3D AudioMagic™ programs have achieved extraordinary results in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety.

Dr. Jackson's experience with audio engineering dates back almost as far as his beginnings as a doctor. Starting out recording popular music, he began recording his first therapeutic audio programs in 1979. His journey then led him, in 1985, to a discovery that completely transformed his programs: 3D Living Sound™, the revolutionary technology used to produce all fourteen of the 3D AudioMagic programs.

Dr. Jackson's first therapeutic audio programs for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia were developed to treat adults in his clinical practice. A number of these patients, who had experienced personal success, used the adult programs with their children and the results they reported to him were his inspiration for developing a series of programs specifically designed for children.

All of Dr. Jackson's personal patients will receive unlimited downloading of all fourteen of his therapeutic programs or two free CD’s, along with an electronic copy of his book, if desired.

To learn more about Dr. Jackson's therapeutic 3D audio programs and his companion book to the children’s programs, DreamChild Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep, please visit

Please click on the Clinical Research tab of that website to view 10 research studies on these state-of-the-art audio programs and the 3D Living Sound audio technology.

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