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Appointment Options

Dr. Jackson is available for the following types of appointments*:

  • in-person in his office
  • in-person at your home (house call)
  • over the telephone (generally as a follow-up appointment only)
  • face-to-face via telepsychiatry (available soon)

*Depending on the patient's circumstances, not all of these appointment options may be available to an individual.

In-Person - While happy to offer telephone appointments (and, soon, telepsychiatry appointments as well), Dr. Jackson highly encourages at least one face-to-face visit per year at the Mountain High Health office in Idyllwild, although he does not require it. For those who do travel to Idyllwild to see him, he will provide longer appointments for the same standard fee. In-person appointments start at 20 minutes, although he encourages 30 minute face-to-face appointments to allow for better assessment and customization of treatment. Dr. Jackson is also willing to make house calls to patients living in certain areas, although, of course, at a higher fee.

Telephone appointments - Telephone appointments are available as follow-up appointments to all existing patients and any new patients after an initial face-to-face diagnostic interview. Appointments by telephone are not only convenient, they can save time and money by reducing the need for trips back and forth to and from the doctor's office.

Telepsychiatry (available soon) - In light of rapid advances in technology, Dr. Jackson will soon provide “telepsychiatry” services. This means if you own a computer and a Webcam and have broadband Internet access, you and he will be able to teleconference and see one another while you talk. More information on telepsychiatry can be found on the Telepsychiatry page.

Scheduling Options

You may schedule an appointment with Dr. Jackson in the following ways:

  • by telephone: (951) 659-1991
  • by email:
  • using the online scheduler available soon on this website

Fax and web form contact options are also available. See the Contact Us page of this website for information.

First-Time Appointments

If you are a new patient wishing to set up your first appointment with Dr. Jackson, please be allow enough time for us to obtain your chart, if you have seen a previous psychiatrist, and mail you the necessary intake paperwork for you to review and sign, so you can bring the related paperwork with you at the time of your appointment. In the very near future you will be able to download and print all the necessary intake paperwork as document files from a First-Time Patient link in this spot.

Compliance With Treatment

When a patient does not return for appointments as agreed upon in the previous session, it involves risk for the patient’s mental health as well as legal liability for the physician, who bears legal responsibility for the patient’s treatment. Please click the title of this section to read our policy on compliance with treatment.

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