Mountain High Health is a fee-for-service practice, meaning that patients pay Dr. Jackson directly for his services. The fee schedule for set appointments with Dr. Jackson is as follows.

Patients are responsible for payment before or at the time services are rendered. Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. A credit card will be held on file to allow payments to be made automatically. You will of course be notified after any charges.

Initial Evaluations: $300 for 1 hour

Medication Management and Follow-up Appointments:

  • $90 for 20 minutes
  • $135 for 30-minutes
  • $180 for 40 minutes
  • $270 for 1 hour

Optimal Care: Pre-paid $1250 for six 1-hour sessions

To learn more about these options, please visit our Services page.

Other Fees & Considerations

Phone calls: There is no charge for 5 minute emergency phone calls. Calls requiring longer consultation will be charged at $45 per 10 minute increment. The writing of letters will be billed at the same rates.

The fee for “flex time” medication follow-up telephone consultations, which is only offered to patients who have been stable on their current medications for an extended period of time, is $60. This requires patients be available Thursday evenings from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM when Dr. Jackson will call.

Prescriptions: Prescriptions outside of an appointment, with the exception of controlled substance prescriptions, which can only be refilled with an appointment, will result in a $50 fee. Lost prescriptions will be rewritten for a $20 fee.

Insurance: Dr. Jackson elects not to be on any insurance plans and is therefore considered an out-of-network provider. Some patients, however, may be able to obtain partial reimbursements for his fees from their insurance carriers. Out-of-network benefits vary among carriers, but traditionally, reimbursement can be as high as 60%-80% after your deductible is met. If requested, patients will receive a detailed statement with all the information needed to seek reimbursement from traditional insurers or health care spending accounts. For those who qualify, Mountain High Health billing statements will be sufficient to obtain reimbursement. We suggest checking with your insurance provider beforehand to determine reimbursement policy.

Financial Assistance: Dr. Jackson realizes that not accepting medical insurance represents an added financial burden for some of his patients. For those who would be unable to afford his fees but require being seen every two or three months, he will consider, depending on circumstances, lengthening the time between your appointments. Such accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the feasibility determined by such factors as the type of medications prescribed and stability of symptoms. Other options also available to decrease fees include telephone “flex-time” appointments for which, instead of having a “set” appointment time, you would make yourself available during a “window” of time (2-3 hours) during which Dr. Jackson would contact you for your appointment. We take all individual circumstances into consideration and do our best to make arrangements that meet both your medical and financial needs.

Canceled / Missed Appointments: A scheduled appointment means that time is reserved only for you. If you miss an appointment or cancel one with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be billed for the entire amount of the session—unless it is due to an emergency. Frequent cancellations may result in termination from treatment and referral to another mental health care professional.

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