Dr. Jackson offers an integrative treatment approach to mental health. While providing services focused on psychiatric diagnosis and medication management he strives to help his patients incorporate whatever elements best serve their individual needs and desires. This may include a combination of traditional and non-traditional approaches, such as diet, exercise, stretching, acupressure, self-help books, and other alternative techniques, among them his 3D AudioMagic™ programs for adults and children, an adjunctive treatment for sleep and anxiety disorders.

When appropriate, Dr. Jackson will prescribe medications and provide related consultation and education services. To find out more about psychiatric medications, including their indications, potential side effects and adverse reactions, please click the Medications link.

Please note that Dr. Jackson does not provide in-depth psychotherapy (although he will be happy to refer you, if you and he determine such services are indicated.)

The right treatment approach varies from person to person. That is why Dr. Jackson invites you to work together with him to explore possible ways that his broad range of services might benefit you.

Appointment Types

Dr. Jackson offers appointments in person at his office in Idyllwild, over the telephone, and soon via videoconferencing/telepsychiatry as well. Peruse the following links to learn more about these appointment options and about telepsychiatry.

Initial Evaluations

During the initial evaluation Dr. Jackson will explore your unique set of circumstances and symptoms and then formulate and discuss with you a treatment strategy. A complete examination of your biological, psychological, and social context will take place. The discussion will include possible alternative treatments along with potential outcomes, side effects, and adverse reactions.

Treatment methods and goals are very individual. Some people seek resolution of troubling symptoms as quickly and efficiently as possible through the use of medication. Others may prefer a more “natural” approach and want to explore possible alternative treatments to accomplish their goals. Still others may desire quick resolution of symptoms with medications but want a plan in place to subsequently utilize alternative techniques with the goal of maintaining gains while decreasing or eliminating medication use.

If psychotropic medication is prescribed, patients will be scheduled for follow-up medication management appointments for the duration of the period that they remain on such medication. Those seeking alternative approaches may avail themselves of follow-up appointments during which progress will be monitored and  treatment modalities adjusted.

Medication Management and Follow-up Appointments

Medication Management and Follow-up Appointments are only made following an Initial Psychiatric Evaluation. During an acute crisis or after initiating use of a new medication, subsequent appointments in one to two weeks may be called for. Usually, medication management appointments are scheduled on a monthly basis until initial goals are achieved, after which appointments can be extended to every two months and, then, when completely stable, every three months. These appointments are tailored to individual symptoms, needs and desires. In order to achieve the greatest level of satisfaction and optimal results, patients are invited to be active participants in determining the nature and extent of the care they receive.

Optimal Care

Optimal Care is offered for those patients with the desire, time, and resources to explore a broader range of treatments and services. Optimal Care appointments can be scheduled on Thursdays from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM and are the only appointments which can also be scheduled on Friday evening between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Although there is flexibility regarding appointment frequency, the usual format is monthly.

Optimal Care, like all other services, is tailored to your individual needs and desires. The expanded time this format offers opens up a myriad of possibilities to help you achieve loftier goals. In addition to Dr. Jackson being your psychopharmacologist, it allows you to have him as your “therapy coach.”

As such, he will evaluate your needs and, in addition to providing direct services, will introduce valuable therapeutic resources including, when appropriate, additional practitioners. Suggested reading materials will often play an important role with  follow-up discussions of the material.

Integrating Technology

Dr. Jackson intends this website to represent the newest addition to the collection of tools and techniques he integrates with his treatment approach, by incorporating the latest modern technologies for streamlining the treatment process and putting more power in the hands of patients over their own treatment.

Over time Dr. Jackson will incorporate several new technologies into this site in order to provide an increasingly exceptional level of service to his patients:

  • telepsychiatry
  • online scheduling
  • online psychological testing - he will offer both online and offline psychological testing in order to more accurately monitor symptoms over time— the best guide for treatment success
  • electronic prescribing

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