Compliance With Treatment

When a patient does not return for appointments as agreed upon in the previous session, it involves risk for the patient’s mental health as well as legal liability for the physician, who bears legal responsibility for the patient’s treatment.

If you do not return for appointments as agreed upon, your case automatically goes into a state of legal non-compliance, and the physician is no longer legally responsible for your condition. In such a case, you will be notified by phone or letter of the situation, and your case will be formally closed via letter until you are seen again in clinic. Whenever your case is closed, Dr. Jackson will not be able to fill prescriptions for you, and your pharmacy will be notified accordingly. Usually your case can be reopened simply by having an appointment but if more than six months has passed since your last exam, a full, one-hour evaluation will be required to re-open your case. Please note that repeated case closures may result in referral to another mental health care professional.

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